ClipUp is a productivity app designed to help people stay on top of their busy lives and keep track of their ideas. Take a look below and learn about the special features and functionality of our app. Download it for free


Stay organized; stay inspired; increase your productivity. ClipUp will be here to save your creative ideas, notes and files so that you can focus on what really matters – finding inspiration and content to use in both personal and work related projects. Whether it’s a website, picture, video, note or audio file, this app is yours to store all of that within a beautifully designed, user friendly environment!







Key Features

Screens Screens Screens

It saves and protects your files.

ClipUp will make the task of saving your ideas and inspiration easy and safe. Once saved, users will be able to lock their content with a password.

It can organize your thoughts with style.

Using idea boards to separate projects, people will have the means to arrange all content according to their needs.

It lets you share and present portfolios.

Thanks to ClipUp’s stylish design, everyone will be able to create eye-candy portfolios for later use in presentations.

It supports multiple media formats.

Whether it’s an image, note, website, video file or recording, our app will save it all.

It’s practical and user-friendly.

ClipUp combines functionality with ease of use in order to deliver a truly practical application.


Here are some of the early screenshots of ClipUp. Get a first taste of how our app is going to look!

screen 1


Add multiple media files to the same board.

screen 2


Separate your projects using boards.

screen 3


Drag-and-drop to rearrange files.

screen 4


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