What is ClipUp?

You can think about the app in two ways.

One: Like an “idea web,” which helps you organize concepts or ideas. Each board is a general topic in the center of a web of connected ideas and details. As you explore your topic, or as you find related ideas, you can then add more details to the board, expanding it, developing it, and thereby helping you further understand the general topic of your project.

Two: Like a digital “Container Store” on your phone or iPad. It’s a way to simplify and organize the flood of information and technologies that we receive throughout the day.

As part of that organization process, the app allows you to set reminders, so important ideas and information aren’t lost. And the app is designed so you can easily share your idea boards with others or stream them in meetings.


How do you use the app–in a short step-by-step description?

The goal is to make people’s lives easier or more organized. ClipUp is therefore designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

1. Open the app.
2. Choose or create a Board for your idea or project.
3. Choose what media file type to add in the board—image, video, audio note, text note, location or website).
4. Upload it.
5. Save it.
6. Then, if you wish, share it or stream any elements of your boards.

That’s it.


What’s unique about ClipUp?

If you look at many people’s iPhones and iPads, you often find a chaos of files, videos, notes, music, pictures and so on. In spatial terms, their devices are a bit like a teenager’s bedroom without a closet and drawers—everything is thrown about.

What’s unique bout ClipUp is that it brings order to the digital mess we carry around on our devices. It adds the elements of simplicity, minimalism, and elegance to our iPhones, iPods, and iPads.


What’s the difference between Clipup and other organization apps?

Simplicity has been on our developers’ minds from the start. We didn’t want a hard to use app. Nor did we want an app with a thousand features, requiring users to wade through loads of instructions. Our app is user-friendlier, simple to learn, and visually attractive on your device.


Where did the idea for the app originate?

Initially, it was conceived as an app specifically designed for journalists, who travel about town, collecting a diversity of information whose connections are not always obvious. ClipUp was to be a way for journalists to group together info for each of their stories, and a way to share that info with their editors.

It soon dawned on us, however, that this app was a useful tool for all sorts of creative and academic professions that involve multiple projects—not just journalism. It’s also a handy tool for personal use, from looking for hairstyle ideas to planning weddings.


Why journalism? Do you guys have a background in it?

Yes, the founder, Peter Fischer, was working as a photographer for Google Business View. He needed to collect orderly information for clients, while on the go. But all info kept getting lost in the shuffle of his other business projects, as well as in his personal information. Shifting through the multitude of different items on his phone became a tedious, tiresome process.

The concept for ClipUp came from this experience. He needed to find a way to store information in an orderly way, inside an app that is easy to use, organized and quick.


Who’s the intended audience?

Students, journalists, artists, creative people, generally.


How many employees do you have? Or how many people are involved in making the app?

We have a team of seven people.


Where are your offices located?

In sunny Spain. We will soon open an office in the USA.


Have you created other apps?

No, first one. Members of the company have been involved on Internet projects for over 10 years. Before designing ClipUp, Peter, the founder, worked as a photographer for Google.


How long did it take to develop this app?

7 months from the initial concept to release date.


What sort of response have you been getting?

We are getting 5 stars ratings. People love the idea behind the app.


What are your future goals?

Planning to release an Android version and a web version. The users will be able to sync their files across multiple devices on different platforms.