The Story Behind ClipUp

The Story Behind ClipUp

My name is Peter Fischer and I created Clipup.  The idea for Clipup came about to satisfy a personal need.  I work as a photographer for Google Business View.  As such, I always needed to be able to collect information on possible clients in an orderly way, while on the go.  This would include photographing businesses of possible future clients, recording voice notes and saving websites.  I had to store all of this content in an organized fashion on my iPhone.  The problem, I found, was that my business needs were being mixed with my personal information, pictures, etc. and finding what I was looking for just kept getting more difficult.  Shifting through the multitude of different items on my phone in order to find what I needed became a tedious, tiresome process.  The concept for ClipUp came from this experience as I was desperate to find a way to store information in an orderly way, inside an app that is easy to use, organized and quick.

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ClipUp can be used in a variety of ways to store both professional and personal information, ideas, photos, websites and more in an orderly and easy to access format.

If you’d like to plan a wedding, you can store videos, photos of cakes, flowers, dresses and websites in a category or board you create for “Wedding”.

Did you enjoy the bottle of wine you drank last night at dinner?  Photograph the label and store it for the next time you want to order or buy a bottle of wine.

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Collect ideas, photograph kitchens, save shopping websites and everything else you need inside a category/board you create for “Kitchen Remodeling”.

On top of saving creative ideas, helping you plan events and keeping your files organized, ClipUp can also be used for professional presentations. Intended to have an appealing aspect, the app can also work as a uniquely designed personal portfolio (especially for artists). You can create categories with different samples of your work and quickly recall it on the ClipUp App to show your clients.

ClipUp can be used in a multitude of ways, both professionally and personally, to catalogue photos, ideas, needs and more.  It’s easy to use and quickly creates a stronger layer of order around your life and thoughts.

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